Don Campbell and Band Bring Dan Fogelberg Music to “207”

Maine and NH friends, please catch WCSH 6 tonight for their “207” program at 7pm to see Don Campbell along with the rest of the band (including yours truly). We shared 2 songs from the “Kites to Fly” CD in preparation for our shows this weekend in Camden and Kennebunk.

For everyone that is “from away,” here’s the video.

A big thanks to Rob, Beckie, Danny, and everyone at “207.” It’s always great to be a part of what you do.

Not a Bad Day at the Office, with Don Campbell

Reporting from Cape Elizabeth today, friends.

I’ve been recording for my longtime friend and musical associate Don Campbell, laying down hand percussion and drum set incidentals at my home studio.

Now that he has returned to Maine from his winter home of Nashville, we thought we’d get together in his summer home studio in Cape Elizabeth to get down to some nitty gritty. As I always want to be armed to the teeth, I brought a truckload full of gear, including a heap of shakers, tamborines, bells, hand drums, and more. The pieces that got the most action, though, were my Roland Handsonic, which has been a standby for almost a decade, and my Pearl Masters Studio toms, with my Meinl crashes.

A day with Don is always a good day, as we have worked together for tons for years. The fact that we got a ton of great work done is awesome, considering the amount of laughing and busting chops that we do.

I can’t wait to share some news about this upcoming project with Don! More on the horizon…