Maine Yoga Festival

Electric Flow: An Uprising – Third Annual Maine YogaFest kickoff event

An electrifying and dynamic 2-hour vinyasa practice led by Nantucket-based yoga teacher Caitlin Marcoux and accompanied by Portland’s own Todd the Rocket. Caitlin, who’s roots are grounded in modern dance and PranaFlow will encourage you to dig in deep, let go even deeper, tap into your inner primal rhythms, spiritual prowess and creative juices. Use mantra, meditation and creatively sequenced waves of energetic vinyasa asana to explore your physical and subtle body. Let yourself be guided by the music and embody the collective consciousness. Join the uprising.

Todd the Rocket’s Maine Yoga Fest appearance at Electric Flow: An Uprising is accompanying his childhood friend from Nantucket Island, Caitlin Marcoux. They share a nearly 30-year friendship and are thrilled to be collaborating on this inspired and uplifting program.

“Electric Flow” with my Hero

A photo posted by caitlinmarcoux (@caitlinmarcoux) on Feb 13, 2015 at 5:24pm PST This Friday, I have the singular experience of DJing the music for the Maine Yoga Fest’s kickoff event.  “Electric Flow: An Uprising” will be led by one of my oldest and dearest friends on this Earth, Caitlin Marcoux. To say I’m honored …