Frock N’ Roll


Pairing local musicians with local fashion designers: a benefit for the Portland Music Foundation

Music by Darien Brahms, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, Spencer and the School Spirit Mafia, Isobell with Sontiago, Samuel James with Ayperi,Todd the Rocket and j.hjort, The Hot Tarts and The Baltic Sea

Fashion design by Alicia Allen Jewelry, Ponomo, Ferdinand, pinecone+chickadee, Rogues Gallery, Never Sleep, Golden Apple, brook there, Jen Burrall Designs, Local Ink, Milo in Maine and Sophronia Designs

A fundraising event created to benefit the Portland Music Foundation, Frock n Roll pairs some of the most talented local musicians of Portland with some of the most talented fashion designers in the city. Who needs Fashion Week in New York when we have Frock n Roll in Portland?

Frock n Roll centers around the vision of bridging the local worlds of fashion design and music as the two are constantly borrowing from one and inspiring the other. Think along the lines Sex Pistols and Vivienne Westwood. Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier. The Baltic Sea and pinecone+chickadee. September 18 will be similar to a fashion show, though instead of a runway, musicians will be performing on stage while modeling the clothes and accessories designed for them. Its the perfect way for an audience to witness the melding and extraordinary relationship between these two forms of art.