When words fail us…

Will Barnet 1911 – 2012

Read his obituary by Bob Keyes at the Portland Press Herald here.

Painters, among other visual artists, hold much magic for me. I wasn’t particularly gifted in this area, but I have always gravitated towards visual arts. Many artists and their works have, unknowingly, served as a much-needed visual foil to my music, whether on stage or in the studio.

So, I was completely devastated to hear about the passing of my favorite painter, Will Barnet. At the wonderfully blessed age of 101, Mr. Barnet left us with decades of work and thought to ponder and pick apart.

I have never felt this kind of connection to an artist outside of my own disciplines. His work feels alive and timeless, wizened and fresh, all at the same time. He told rich stories with no words.

I’ve already had to correct myself once; I can’t ever allow myself to refer to Mr. Barnet’s art and work in the past. He has achieved immortality.

Godspeed, Mr. Will Barnet. I can’t ever thank you properly for igniting an imagination in me that I didn’t know existed.