Nikka Costa and Some Serious Islander Bidness

Last night, Miss Fairchild opened for the inimitable and ridiculously soulful Nikka Costa. To say that it was an honor is a gross understatement.

A fact that few remember, or even took note of in the first place… When Miss Fairchild was touring in 2007, her “Till I Get To You”” was our walk-on music as we took the stage. Selector and Saxmaster Sammy Bananas would be DJing the opening set, and Nikka was how we knew when it was time to get to work. It fired us up with its skanky guitars and straight -ahead smack.

And there we were, taking the stage to open the night at the legendary Johnny D’s in Somerville, MA, fixing to set the tone for our fave soul sister. We came out of the box swinging, and got the dancefloor primed for Miss Thang, all sassed-up in her gold lame´skintight pants.

Nikka took the stage with a smoking rendition of “Dance to the Music” by Sly, so of course she had our attention from the first second. Kirah was enthusiastically posting about it on Facebook when Nikka called her out from stage for not being on her feet. The ensuing exchange was pretty hysterical.

Afterwards, a small clutch of Nantucketers that represented all got together for a little photo op. Good to know that Islanders will always show up, even if unprovoked. It’s one of the inexplicable things about Nantucket. We always represent.

Of note is Ammon EP, to the far left. One of my tightest homies and inspirational DJ talents, Ammon had just been through his 2nd brain operation in 3 years. He is amazing and a true case for goodness and kindness ruling one’s environment. You amaze me all the time, pal.

Speaking of Nantucket, that’s the next stop.