Sumner McKane Group Reprises “Nanook”


The Sumner McKane Group is making a an extremely rare appearance to play an even more rare piece of music. The group will be performing it’s original score accompanying the silent film “Nanook of the North” on Monday, March 30th at Slates in Hallowell, ME. Long regarded as the first anthroplogical documentary film ever, “Nanook” details the life of an Inuit family surviving in and through unfathomable conditions.

SMG wrote this dynamic piece over the month of April last year, as part of the Local Score/Silent Film series, produced by One Longfellow Square. It was originally intended to be performed only twice, and then be retired. But, when the opportunity arose to return to Slate’s, the place where SMG had recorded their live album, “Nanook” was understood immediately to be the musical program. “I’ve always been a history buff, and loved photography, so of all the films we could have chosen, ”Nanook” was the only front runner. And, getting to bring this to Slates, given it’s history and our history together… it’s going to be a great night.” The Sumner McKane Group will perform their score accompanying a showing of “Nanook of the North.” Slates is an extremely intimate venue, so please call early for tickets and reservations.