Sumner McKane Group Scores Legendary Silent Film


The Sumner McKane Group will be writing and performing a score of original music to the classic groundbreaking documentary silent film “Nanook of the North” as part of the One Longfellow Square “Local Score/Silent Film” series. The group, after spending the entire month of April composing, will perform the newly-written score for the first (and ostensibly, only) time on April 30th and May 1st at 8pm, during screenings of the film. Tickets for each night are $8 and info is available at One Longfellow Square.

Robert Flaherty’s classic film “Nanook of the North” documents one year in the life of Inuit hunter Nanook and his family as they struggle to survive in the harsh conditions of Canada’s Hudson Bay region. The film describes the trading, hunting, fishing and migrations of a group barely touched by industrial technology. “Nanook of the North” was widely shown and praised as the first full-length, anthropological documentary in cinematographic history. Enormously popular when released in 1922, Nanook of the North is a cinematic milestone that continues to enchant audiences. The film was made in 1922, and has a runtime of 78 minutes.