the Rocket Drumming on Sessions at the Studio

I’ve had the honor of getting called for a bunch of sessions at the Studio, here in Portland, by my good friend Jim Begley.

I’ve been doing some work with songwriter Al Timpson, doing drums, percussion, and programming for a collection of songs he’s been working on for several months. Al is fired up to get them done, so I’ll be posting news soon on where and when these songs might be available to the public.

Also, I had the pleasure of working with LL Bean and Swardlick Marketing on a song entitled "Even Santa Claus Shops at LL Bean," that was written by Dale Holden and will be appearing in a holiday ad campaign. There is also talk of a CD of the recording being distributed at the LL Bean flagship store throughout the holiday. Pretty Cool!

Thanks, Jim, for these terrific opportunities! If you are interested in checking out the Studio’s top notch facility, please visit them here: