I’m back, and in one piece!


After a week of regional CD release parties at our usual haunts, and then 13 road dates in 20 days, I am pleased to say that I am indeed back home. Having spent the majority of September away from Maine, it’s definitely strange to be back in this eerie in-between where there are bunches of leaves on the ground and 80 degree plus temps. Since I had a busy summer (as you know,) I’m happy to come home and see a few lingering bits of summer here to greet me.

Tour kicked ass, period. We took the Miss Fairchild show to church, and British Columbia, and back. God love everyone who extended themselves to us, whetehr it be thorugh helping us with bookings or giving us a place to stay. You are all appreciated beyond words. if you want to read the Great Dunlap’s rather exhaustive blog account of the trip, please visit www.missfairchild.com/notes and peep it, yo.

Thanks so much for all of your emails and messages and thougths throughout the past few weeks. It’s been great to be able to keep tabs on everyone.

So what happens next with me? Good question… Check the rest of the blog! News is forthcoming…